How to become a member

Requirements for Applicants.


The applicant must:

  • Be an employee of the hotel and work as a concierge / senior concierge;
  • Have four years of experience in the hotel industry, and at least three years of experience as a concierge;
  • Possess high moral standards and an impeccable reputation;
    The candidate provides a letter of recommendation from the hotel management indicating work experience and general characteristics, as well as support for hotel management.
  • Actively interact with the local concierge community;
    A candidate must attend at least one local meeting and one national meeting before being able to apply for membership. Application deadline of at least 6 months.
  • Have the support of two current members of the Golden Key Concierges organization;
    The candidate writes a plan of his activities, submits to the curator (current member of the organization), approves with him, after which the plan is sent to the Executive Committee. The candidate must implement the approved plan half / partially, before applying for entry, and partially after.
    During the year, the candidate is monitored, at this time the curator and other members try to maximize the involvement and involvement of him / her in the current projects of the organization, delegate assignments and responsibilities, which can also be part of the plan. At the final stage, this may be the second national meeting, the candidate reports on the work done during the trial period, according to the points of the plan, and also tells about his further actions.
    The curator / mentor makes a short review of his candidate, talks about it at the Executive Meeting before the annual meeting, and recommends his candidate at the general meeting - 2–3 “for” why, he recommends this candidate.
  • Pass the exam;
    The candidate passes the exam, which is sent by the Executive Secretary after submitting the application, one month before the date of the annual meeting and is interviewed by the Executive Committee.
  • Prepare a presentation about yourself and make a presentation at the annual meeting of members of the organization;
    Presentation in electronic form, in English, lasting no more than 5 minutes. The presentation should contain information about your personal data, education, career, as well as an explanation of why you want to join the organization, what you can do for the organization and what, in your opinion, means to be a concierge with golden keys. It is also necessary to talk about what the plan for the trial period was and how you completed it.

The process, tracking and nomination of promising candidates is supervised by members of the Executive Committee based on the territorial principle. All members of the Executive Committee have the right to know, discuss, and decide on the acceptance of candidates for the organization.
The number of candidates is not more than 5-6 per year.

If you meet the above requirements and want to become a member of the organization, please fill out the application (download the form) and prepare a presentation about yourself.

You can send a presentation about yourself at

The entrance fee & the annual membership fee is regulated by the Executive Committee and presented directly to the Members and candidates.